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Take Control of Your Keyboard

Bold on or off CTRL + B
Close or quit CTRL + F4
Copy CTRL + C
Create a new document CTRL + N
Cut CTRL + X
Display Start menu CTRL + ESC
Go to beginning of document CTRL + Home
Go to end of document CTRL + End
Go to next paragraph CTRL + Down arrow
Go to previous paragraph CTRL + Up arrow
Go to previous word CTRL + Left arrow
Go to the next word CTRL + Right arrow
Highlight text block (arrow keys) CTRL + Shift
Italics on or off CTRL + I
Launch "Go To" dialog box CTRL + G or F5
Opens an existing document CTRL + O
Paste CTRL + V
Print CTRL + P
Print Screen CTRL + ALT + Minus sign (-)
Print Screen. (ALT) CTRL + ALT + Plus sign (+)
Save current file to disk CTRL + S
Search (or find) CTRL + F or F3
Select All CTRL + A
Underlining on or off. CTRL + U
Undo CTRL + Z or ALT + backspace
Undo the last undo CTRL + Y
View Office clipboard CTRL + C (twice)
Open context (right click) menu Shift + F10
Delete without using Recycle Bin Shift + Delete

Notes: Highlighted items are common to most programs; many others work with a wide variety of applications.

Courtesy of the Computer Users Group of Lincolnton
Meets 1st Saturday monthly 10:00 AM -Lincolnton Library (Info: 704-735-6433)